I am a travelling mom, a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, a woman who loves it. My name is Sarah.

I live as a very sociable and open person; I love to laugh and have fun, I feel that I have a strong sense of humour and I always believe that the glass is “half full”. And what counts is in the meaning of each one gives to that glass and how it is full and empty.

I personally welcome complexity, feeling that life can be intensely lived, a protagonist and in-person.

I know that the way to see and hear the world is just one possible way. I try always to remember that others have learned in their lives, wearing their “glasses”. The encounter, however, offers the opportunity to share different ways and is where the magic of new looks is born.

I love writing about things. I try my self to write by considering many points of views. Things that rarely found in this world. I always inspire people to keep positive in their lives. Because it will help them in the future. No one can help anyone except themselves. Therefore, give positivity every day in your life.